About Us

AFROC is a national membership organization founded in 1987 to promote the interests of freestanding radiation oncology centers. It is comprised of a network of physicians, physicists, administrators, and allied health care professionals involved with freestanding centers.

AFROC promotes cost-effective treatment within the context of the highest standard of care. The organization focuses upon regulatory, legislative, and socioeconomic issues that affect nonhospital-based cancer therapy centers.

AFROC is the premier forum addressing private-practice issues unique to freestanding centers. These issues include equitable reimbursement by governmental agencies and third-party payers and monitoring legislative and regulatory policy proposals that may affect non-hospital-based cancer therapy centers. In addition, it promotes cost effective treatment within the context of the highest standard of care.

AFROC was successful in its efforts to establish appropriate reimbursement for IMRT in freestanding centers, and over the past several years has been involved in a constant struggle to maximize CMS allowances for technical and professional charges for freestanding practices, despite annual proposals for draconian reductions that would have made it impossible for our members to continue in practice. This included blocking a proposed 19 per cent reduction in overall freestanding services announced July 6, 2012. The result, a 9 per cent overall reduction, was far from ideal but at least allowed a respite to continue to establish the value of our profession.

This issue is far from settled, and we anticipate having to again challenge reductions every year. AFROC is actively involved in educating government officials, elected legislators, and their staffs about the importance of our contribution to health care. AFROC will continue to do this through our outstanding advisory staff, personal participation in government affairs, and advisories to our members.